/ by Chris Schneider


My website has adopted a new style.  Call it funky, call it smooth.  It was time to get up with the times like the mannequin man above, but with a less well-groomed beard.

As with all new projects, I am starting this one with the best of intentions.  Updates on shows, what is happening, new work, general thoughts-- I have a lot to say and hopefully a lot of exciting news to share.  

My previous website was completely self-designed.  When I last showed it to one of my classes, a graphic design major informed me that it was quaintly amateur.  Unfortunately, I did it on GoLive, a program that no longer exists (just like in college when I took a class on Fortran, a computer language, and on the last day of class the professor announced that it was no longer going to be used).  Instead of learning yet another program, I am going the way of the template.  I must say, though, that as far as templates go, this one is good.  Perhaps I am wrong.  Let me know what you think.